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Clown cenobites

Angelique's Clowns (From left to right): Delvaux, De conduite, L'estcargot and Corbusier

This bunch of pseudo cenobites, are deleted characters existing only in the original script for Hellraiser: Bloodline.


Eight gamblers come over to play a little card game hosted by De L'isle. They unknowingly sign away their freedom to Angelique, who makes a deal that when ever a change is made to the Lament configuration she will remove one piece of clothing until the puzzle is solved. Once the box was solved they summoned Angelique's demonic powers. She brought down a twisted version of the over-hanging chandelier and transformed their images.

As Cenobites[]


A drum made from Auguste's skin

Four pets and Four clowns host a perfect circus act to draw in Lemarchand's best friend, Auguste in which lead to his demise. These crafty, sly cenobites forged a drum from his skin, stopping him from further helping Lemarchand from defeating them. Unfortunately for them, they were too late as the Elysium Configuration had been designed with the Help of Auguste's ideas. When De L'isle finds Angelique has gone too far with her plans he turns on her uttering a Latin phrase which turned the clowns and pets slowly into worms, then slime and finally dust in which they get scattered in the wind. This makes their reign as Angelique's servants extremely short. As these scenes were deleted, none of this actually occurred in the movie.


  • Clo

    Corbusier (Left) L'estcargot (Right) in their human forms

    Clown cenobites

    De Conduite (left) and Delvaux (right)

    Delveux: a greedy, fat, old, ruddy and lubidious person.
  • L'estcargot: a thin pinched and cold person, yet efficient and amoral. An accountant at Auchwitz.
  • De Conduite: an effeminate man, knowing much about women and their likes and dislikes.
  • Corbusier: a natural leader. He has cruel eyes and a sardonic smile.
  • L'hiver, Printemps, L'ete, and L'automme: four young army officers making their way around the world with the help of the other gamblers.



  • Hellraiser: Bloodline (deleted scenes)


  • Robert Wisdom (as Corbusier/Corbusier-cenobite)
  • Andrew 'Andy' Magnus (as Delvaux/Delvaux-cenobite)


  • It is possible that when Angelique summons Pinhead in the film she was trying to recieve her cenobites with Pinhead exclaiming that much has changed in Hell since her leave of absence.