Hellraiser Wiki
Name Aparius
Aliases Hell's Beekeeper
Past Name Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Eyes Red
Hair Black
Professional Status
Affiliation Hell's Army
Occupation Cenobite; Hell's Beekeeper
Gashes N/A
Personal Status
Status Deceased
First Appearance
Debut Clive Barker's Hellraiser #19, "Death Where Is Thy Sting?"

Step forward, trespasser. You cannot escape my spouts.

— Aparius

Aparius was a Cenobite that appeared in Clive Barker's Hellraiser #19. Unlike many of his colleagues, Aparius tended to the Cenobite Bees, who were created in order to torture the bloodline which had reneged on their contract with Fulgar. When encountering a Harrower within his domain, Aparius was killed, and the souls under his watch were ultimately set free.



Aparius was a large cenobite with a bloated face and a mesh netting covering his eyes, nose and mouth, most likely to prevent the cenobite bees from stinging him in the eyes or entering his body through various bodily passages. Aparius' stomach is covered in thousands of bee stings and cuts that leak pus and blood constantly and his neck is extended abnormally high with hundreds of metal rings, much like the Doomsayer cenobite. Aparius wears a loose fitting black leather outfit complete with a belt containing various nozzles and valves that he would use to extract honey and pus from his cenobite bees.



After Robert Johnson solved the Lament Configuration and his parents Phillip and Grace Johnson offered themselves in order to save their son, the family reneged on their deal with Fulgar and attempted to flee instead. Fulgar pursued the Johnsons, ultimately claiming Phillip and Grace and marking their children with the Sign of Leviathan in order to curse the bloodline so that every member of their family would be dragged to Hell when they turned 25.

As a result of their treachery, the Johnson family's souls were planted within Aparius' domain, growing to encompass the Elder Tree, where Aparius also tended to the Cenobite Bees - creations intended to torture the Johnsons for eternity.

Aparius Death

One day, Aparius was confronted by Vera Wyshak - a Harrower who had traveled to the meadow with Kate Johnson intending to liberate the souls of the Johnson family. Vera managed to dispatch Aparius, decapitating him with one of the boomerangs, allowing Vera to seek out and kill the queen of the Cenobite Bees with her corrosive saliva. Vera then proceeded to bleed on the Elder Tree, destroying it, and freeing the souls of the Johnson family, who would be cleansed by Morte Mamme and reborn.


  • Clive Barker's Hellraiser #19, "Death Where Is Thy Sting?"


  • Aparius bears significant resemblance to Doomsayer, both bearing an extended neck, which proved to be a weakness that resulting in both of their decapitations.