Hellraiser Wiki
Female bound cenobite
Name Bound
Past Name Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Eyes Unknown
Hair Bald (Currently)
Unknown (Previously)
Professional Status
Affiliation Hell's Army
Previous Affiliation Unknown
Occupation Cenobite; Servant of Leviathan
Previous Occupation Unknown
Gashes Pinhead's Gash
Personal Status
Status Unknown
First Appearance
Debut Hellraiser: Hellseeker
Portrayed By Nancy J. Lilley

Bound is a female cenobite that appeared in Hellraiser: Hellseeker. After Hellseeker, Bound was replaced by her male counterpart Bound II in Hellraiser: Deader and Hellraiser: Hellworld, making her a cenobite with one of the most minor roles in the Hellraiser series. Her fellow Gash member, Surgeon is the same way.


As A Human[]

Bound's life before becoming a cenobite is unknown, but it is rumoured that she was married to a homicidal maniac.

As A Cenobite[]

Bound's part in Pinhead's Gash was small and very brief. She was present with Surgeon, Stitch, Chatterer III and Pinhead when Kirsty and Pinhead made a deal to exchange five souls rather than take her own. Pinhead agreed and Bound helped reap the souls that Kirsty brought the cenobites.

Trevor Gooden was Kirsty's cheating gold digger husband who plotted with his best friend Brett to steal all of Kirsty's inheritance after killing her by giving her the Lament Configuration to solve as a present. Trevor ended up being one of the souls Kirsty brought to Pinhead and was then put into Limbo. Bound and Surgeon presented themselves in Trevor's Limbo, smothering one of Trevor's mistresses, Gwen, to him on a television. What happened to Bound after this is unknown as she is never seen or heard from again.


Bound is a cenobite with two tightly leather band straps covering her eyes, thus blinding her, and her mouth, choking her. Metal wires also wrap around her head slicing open her skin and securing the straps in place. On top of her head is a ring of nails which stretch open the scalp along them similarly to a crown.