Hellraiser Wiki
Name CD
Past Name Jimmy Hammerstein
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Eyes None
Hair Brown (formely)


Professional Status
Affiliation Hell
Previous Affiliation The Boiler Room
Occupation Cenobite in Hell's Army
Gashes Pinhead's Gash
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Debut Hellraiser: Hell On Earth
Portrayed By Brent Bolthouse (Human)
Eric Willhelm (Cenobite)

CD is a mute and blind cenobite who makes electronic noises when ever he moves. Once a D.J. for the Boiler Room but now a cenobite only appearing in Hellraiser: Hell on Earth and its comic counterpart.


As A Human[]

Jimmy Hammerstein was the local D.J. for the Boiler room owned by J.P. Monroe. He never really interacted with Joey that much only telling her where he might find J.P. which could lead her to Terri. He acted nicely to Joey in a manner of speaking. During Pinhead’s massacre of the patrons in the Boiler Room, Jimmy is killed when multiple of his CDs embed themselves in his head.

As A Cenobite:[]

Pinhead transforms a few of his Boiler Room victims into Cenobites; one of them being Jimmy who became the Cenobite known as CD. He was the second pseudo cenobite to meet Joey after Camerahead. CD was pursuing a man in the streets who he killed by throwing one of his CDs at him at lethal force. Although he walks slow he somehow caught up with the other Cenobites and he lay witness to Barbie using his fire breath on the police officers. He then met up with the remaining three cenobites until Joey sent them all to Hell after which they were never seen or heard from again. He did appear in the comic counterpart to the flim though and figurines along with busts and models have been made making him appear heavily in other media.



CD had five CDs embedded in his skull, one in his eyes and one in his mouth. He has a dispenser in his stomach which spits out the CDs he uses as weapons. He had many chains wrapping and gouging into and around his skin. Along with his leather costume comes a leather mask most likely used to keep his many facial CDs in place. CD cannot talk and instead, makes mechanical whirring sounds when he moves.


  • Although he is blind he still gets around somehow as if he could see perfectly. The reason for this is unknown. He shares this trait with other cenobites like Bound, Bound II, Surgeon, Butterball and many more.
  • The only other media he appeared in was Hell on Earth's comic story counterpart.
  • Like the other pseudo-cenobites he seems to remember Joey from his past, unlike cenobites made in creation chambers making it possible for all pseudo cenobites to be able to remember their past.