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Camille noire II

Full body view of Camille Noire

Camille Noire is the name of a peculiar cenobite from a series known by fans as the Tortured Souls and has been considered to be an angelic cenobite. As she was released in the second wave of the Tortured Souls, called The Fallen, she did not have any kind of story to go along with her character, making her background a complete mystery. It is unknown whether or not she will appear in the upcoming movie of the Tortured Souls called Tortured Souls: Animae Damnatiae, as the film will basically focus on the first wave of the Tortured Souls.


Camille noire

As stated before, Camille Noire was altered to look angelic. The flesh has been flayed from her back, the muscles exposed, and the skin stretched and stitched over arched metal harnesses to create wings. A buzz saw blade is embedded in her exfoliated skull as a halo. Camille wears a black corset that hooks into her flesh. Her black finger-less gloves are nailed in place and a neck brace holds her head up high. Barbed wire runs up her right arm as well as circling her brow just beneath the blade. The skin has been stripped from Camille's left thigh, and a bit of fishnet stocking now holds the muscles in place. A large ring is driven through her kneecap, and both shins have various metal spikes hammered into place. A black skirt and two red ribbons hang down from her waist, trailing on the ground and covering the back of her legs. She's got an eyelet sewn into each shoulder, so she could be hoisted into the air to further complete the angelic look.


  • The Tortured Souls: The Fallen (2nd wave of action figures)