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Cenobite Bee

A Cenobite Bee. Note: Large, diamond tipped stinger.

The Cenobite Bees were created simply for torturing the Johnson family, whose bloodline had been cursed. Every time one of the Johnson family members turned 25 years of age, the Fulgar cenobite would come and take them to Hell as part of the family curse. They lived in Hell's meadow in a hollow filled with the members of the Johnson family line. They create their honey inside the Johnsons. When Harrower Vera Wyshack decapitated their master, Aparius, Hell's Bee-Keeper, she removed the queen bee from the hollow and placed it inside the dead Aparius cenobite so the other bees would follow and make their new home within his body, thus saving the Johnsons from their torment. These creatures have only ever appear in the story "Death, Where Is Thy Sting?" comic book story.



Cenobite Bees look exactly like normal bees but they have a deadly poison in their stingers which are each shaped like Leviathan.


  • Clive Barker's Hellraiser #19, "Death, Where is Thy Sting?"