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Charun 2
Name Charun
Past Name Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Eyes Red
Hair Snakes
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Hell
Previous Occupation Cenobite in Hell's Army
Rogue Cenobite
Gashes Alastor's Gash
Personal Status
Status Deceased
First Appearance
Debut Hellraiser Nightbreed: Jihad - As Above... #1

This Nightbreed's no different from the others! Just a larger beast for The Hammer to lay!

— Charun, while fighting a Nightbreed

Charun was a grotesque Cenobite that chose to join Alastor's Gash and defy Hell under Alastor's rule in order to completely wipe out the Nightbreed. When Alastor's Gash fails in their cause, Charun was dragged back into Hell upon his attempt to escape and killed shortly thereafter.


Charun first appeared when the cenobite Doomsdayer made his speech in the center of Hell, to try and create an uprising against Leviathan for not supplying the protection the cenobites need as many cenobites have been "disappearing" lately. Charun also witnessed Atkins shoot off Doomsdayer's head for thoughts of treason. It is possible that Doomsdayer's speech caused Charun to think the way Doomsdayer had, which lead to him joining Alastor's Gash.

When the Nightbreed began to be more trouble than their worth, Alastor, alongside Yama Vidatu, Aeshma Deva, Charun, Chalkis and Gehenna formed an alliance to bring down the Nightbreed together no matter what it took. Leviathan sent Pinhead and Chatterer to take down the cenobite's for going against the order Hell has tried so hard to maintain.


The agony of chains flares white-hot in my skin, brethren!

— Charun, prior to being dragged back to Hell

When Pinhead and Chatterer confronted the rogue cenobites, Alastor and Chalkis battled the two, while the rest of the Gash fled for their lives. In the process Alastor and Chalkis were defeated and Aeshma had been stabbed in the back and killed. Charun was then pulled into the depths of Hell via hooked chains where after it is assumed he was executed for his treason like Alastor and Chalkis.



Charun was one of the most grotesque looking cenobites, with a head of a golden vulture, blazing red eyes and multiple snakes for hair. He also wore a leather bound outfit similar to Pinhead's where skin from his chest was folded over top of it. The exception was that Charun's stomach is exposed.


  • Doomsdayer may have been the very thing to spark the treason in Charun to join Alastor's Gash.
  • Charun in Etruscan mythology is a psychopompei of the underworld/Hell.
  • Charun's head design seems to be heavily based upon the design of the Skeksis, a race of creatures from Jim Henson's film The Dark Crystal.


  • Hellraiser Nightbreed: Jihad - As Above... #1
  • Pinhead #1, "The Devil You Know"