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"Chatterer" is a name given to several Cenobites throughout history, all modeled in appearance after the original Chatterer Cenobite - who Leviathan favored.

  • Chatterer (I/II) -The original Chatterer, molded into a Cenobite in his childhood as Mictanleculti. Commonly worked alongside Pinhead. Chatterer's appearance was altered by Leviathan following the successful recapturing of Frank Cotton. In this new form, Chatterer became "Chatterer II".
  • Chatterer Beast - A Cenobite Pet created using human flesh molded in the same effect as Chatterer. The Chatterer Beast remained alongside Pinhead over generations as he faced off against the Merchant bloodline. Ultimately, The Chatterer Beast died when he was lead into a pressure chamber that was used to destroy his body.
  • Torso - A Cenobite created in Chatterer's image as a combined effort of Chatterer and The Engineers. Torso was grief stricken following his master's death, but would later join Pinhead's Gash alongside the Wire Twins, joining in on the torture of Joseph Thorne as he remained in Limbo.
  • Chatterer III - The first Cenobite created in honor of Chatterer following his death by the hand of The Doctor Cenobite, Phillip Channard. Chatterer III joined Pinhead's Gash and joined him prior to Pinhead striking a deal with Kirsty to deliver 5 souls in place of hers. This resulted in the death of Kirsty's cheating husband - whom Chatterer helped torture in Limbo. Chatterer III also aided Pinhead in the capture of the souls of Winter and his Deader underlings. Finally, Chatterer III appeared alongside Pinhead and Bound II to collect the soul of "The Host" after he opened the Lament Configuration.
  • Female Cenobite II - The only known female Chatterer. The second character credited as "Female Cenobite" helped Pinhead reclaim Nico Bradley's soul after he escaped Hell. In addition, she later aided in taking Sarah Craven to Hell.