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Their double-helix dance steps mirroring the grace and power of Hell's own patterns.
Ravaging anarchy whose reflection can only spread outward in the pool of the abyss.

— Description of Basilisk and Chidna's dance pre and post Time Configuration

Basilisk Chidna

Chidna and Basilisk performing their endless dance.

Chidna, like The Engineer, is strictly not a cenobite, but rather a demon created by Leviathan to maintain order in Hell. She and Basilisk, also a demon, dance in the center of Hell. Theirs is an endless existence fully dominated by the ritual dance that both mirrors and defines the essence of Hell itself. Sinful symmetry. Blasphemous balance. An ice cold infinity of most damned order. A microcosm of Leviathan's structured discipline.

Basilisk and Chidna have still, on occasion, faltered in their one true dark faith, vulnerable to the pull of chaos. Falling prey to the Time of Configuration. An infernal equinox of supreme malevolence, a test of the purity of form sending the intertwined couple to tearing where they once only touched. Shameful anarchy in the time of damnation's greatest need, spreading Pandemonium when the need cried out for precision. The crossroads eventually passed, the serpents were once more able to return to their ancient and orderly ways, but not without a new and dire knowledge in what passed for their hearts. Yes, there is grace among the slaughterhouse of down below...but no forgiveness. And every hour of the blackest night, Baslisk and Chidna wonder and worry when their god will take his revenge for their transgressions.

Physical Appearance[]

This pair of demons both appear as snake-like creatures with humanoid heads and bodies, although Basilisk is more masculine as he is the male counterpart of Chidna. Once order was won by the Vasa Iniquitatis, Chidna and Basilisk were returned to their natural state and continued their dance in calm.


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