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Dead by Daylight is an indie horror game developed and published by Behaviour Digital Inc.. Dead by Daylight is both an action and survival horror multiplayer game in which one crazed, unstoppable Killer hunts down four Survivors through a terrifying nightmarish world in a deadly game of Cat & Mouse. It was released on 14 June 2016 for PC, 20 June 2017 for Xbox One and PS4, 24 September 2019 for Switch and 16 April 2020 for Mobile.

Chapter 21: HELLRAISER[]

CHAPTER XXI: Hellraiser™ is the twenty-first Chapter DLC for Dead by Daylight.

It was released on 7 September 2021.

This DLC features:

  • A new Killer (The Cenobite with Chatterer as a Legacy Skin)


Hellraiser is a new Chapter in Dead by Daylight. It includes a new Killer, Pinhead. Demon to some, angel to others, Pinhead seeks to unleash the limitless thrill of pleasure and pain upon any who cross his path. Purchasing the add-on will unlock the new Killer and an exclusive universal charm.

Killer's Info[]

The Cenobite[]

Pinhead is an explorer in the further regions of experience, indulging in the limitless thrill of pleasure and pain. When the puzzle box known as the Lament Configuration—a key to another dimension—was found in The Entity’s realm, it was only a matter of time before it fell into curious hands. Once opened, he arrived. What came next was sweet suffering that spilled over the realm.

Elliot Spencer or "The Cenobite", also known as "Pinhead", is one of 25 Killers  currently featured in Dead by Daylight .

He was introduced as the Killer of CHAPTER XXI: Hellraiser, a Chapter DLC set to release in the coming weeks.

He originates from the 1987 Horror Movie franchise with the same name, Hellraiser.

The Cenobite is a summoning Killer, able to possess Chain Projectiles and use the Lament Configuration to torture every Survivor at once.

His personal Perks, Deadlock , Hex: Plaything , and Scourge Hook: Gift of Pain , allow him to slow Generator Progression and continue to torment Survivor who have experienced his sweet suffering.

Difficulty rating: Hard

(based on the amount of time and effort that is required to properly learn to play him and use his Power effectively)

A demon to some, an angel to others. Pinhead is an explorer in the further regions of experience, indulging in the limitless thrill of pleasure and pain. When the puzzle box known as the Lament Configuration — a key to another dimension — was found in The Entity's Realm, it was only a matter of time before it fell into curious hands. Once opened, he arrived. What came next was sweet suffering that spilled over the Realm

The Chatterer[]

The Chatterer is a Legendary Outfit available to The Cenobite  from CHAPTER XXI: Hellraiser™.

The Chatterer originates from the 1987 movie Hellraiser, alongside Pinhead.

Once opened, the puzzle box is not so easily closed.

Endless trials filled with hooks and suffering, and dozens of Survivors reborn again and again to torment. In the Entity’s Realm Pinhead’s unique talents have found a home like no other. With the gateway now open and the apex Cenobite already spreading sweet pain throughout the Fog, it was only a matter of time before others arrived to join him in his explorations…

Weapon: Hook & Chain[]

Hook & Chain is the Primary Weapon of The Cenobite.

The cruel hook & chain he wields with thrill.

Upon hitting a Survivor, The Cenobite will hold his hands out and retract the chain back into the gateway.

Power: Summons of Pain[]

Summons of Pain is the power of Pinhead/The Cenobite.

n extradimensional gateway that leads to pleasure and pain so great it will tear your soul apart.


Press the Power button to create a gateway and release the button to open it.

Once opened, tap the Ability button to summon forth a possessed Chain under your control.

Direct the Chain into a Survivor to bind them.

A Survivor bound to a Chain is unable to sprint, suffers from the Incapacitated  Status Effect, and cannot leave through the Exit Gate .

Their Movement speed will decrease further as they are hit with a second and a third Chain.

Survivors can perform the Break Free action to escape.

If The Cenobite walks through Chains, they will break immediately.

Any solid object (including Characters) between the Gateway and the chained Survivor will immediately break the Chain.

Lament Configuration:

If left alone, the Lament Configuration eventually initiates a Chain Hunt by summoning Chains to pursue Survivors.

The Chain Hunt ends when a Survivor picks up the Lament Configuration.

Survivors can see the Aura  of the Lament Configuration, which is either white (idle) or yellow (Chain Hunt)

A Survivor carrying the Lament Configuration suffers from the Oblivious  Status Effect and Chains will occasionally be summoned to attack them.

The Survivor must solve the Lament Configuration to remove it from their possession.

While doing this, The Cenobite will see their location and be able to teleport to it.

When The Cenobite picks up the Lament Configuration, a Chain Hunt is activated.

Additionally, all Survivors are instantly bound by Chains, causing them to scream and reveal their locations.

The Lament Configuration will spawn in a new location after The Cenobite or a Survivor has used it.

Power Trivia[]


  • Exit Blocker Linger time: 5 seconds
    • This refers to how long after freeing themselves from the Chains, Survivors will remain unable to leave through the Exit Gates.


  • Minimum Placement distance: 1.5 metres
  • Maximum Placement distance: 16 metres
  • Placement speed: 8 m/s
    • This refers to the speed at which the Gateway is moving away from The Cenobite during the Placement phase.
  • Placement Cancellation cool-down time: 1.5 seconds

Gateway Possession:

  • Camera Pan time: 0.5 seconds
  • Field of View Change time: 0.75 seconds
  • Possession Cancellation cool-down time: 3 seconds
  • Killer Repossession Fade-in time: 0.25 seconds

Gateway Pitch Angles:

  • Maximum/Minimum Pitch Angle: ±45 °
    • This refers to how high/low The Cenobite can look while possessing the Gateway from an imagined horizon.

Lament Configuration (Chain Hunt):

  • Chain Hunt Charge time: 90 seconds
    • After spawning the Lament Configuration.
  • Minimum Chain Hunt Attack delay: 9 seconds
  • Maximum Chain Hunt Attack delay: 12 seconds
  • Chain Targeting Cool-down: 4 seconds
  • Number of Chains targeting Survivors after Killer pick-up: 3 Chains
  • Loud Noise Notification duration: 3 seconds
  • Escape Grasp charge time: 2 seconds

Lament Configuration (Respawn):

  • Respawn after Killer pick-up: 10 seconds
  • Respawn after solving: 45 seconds
  • Respawn after Survivor escaped grasp: 45 seconds
  • Respawn after Survivor escaped grasp through Killer attack: 30 seconds

Lament Configuration (Solving):

  • Interaction time: 6 seconds
  • Skill Check:
    • Penalty time: 1 second
    • Duration: 1.1 seconds
    • Trigger chance: 100 %
    • Good Success Zone length: 15 %
    • Good Success bonus: 0 %
    • Great Success Zone length: 2.5 %
    • Great Success bonus: 2 %


  • Charge time: 3.25 seconds
  • Slow-down duration post-teleport: 1.25 seconds
  • Minimum Teleportation distance: 10 metres within the Survivor
  • Maximum Teleportation distance: 12 metres within the Survivor


  • Removal duration for Survivors: 1 second per Chain
  • Maximum number of attached Chains: 3 Chains
  • Maximum Length before breaking off: 18 metres

Chain Projectiles (General):

  • Field of View Change time: 0.75 seconds
  • Shot Cool-down time: 5 seconds
  • Reel-Back speed: 20 m/s

Chain Projectiles (Controlled):

  • Initial Projectile speed: 10 m/s
  • Maximum Yaw Turn rate: 125 ° per Server Tick
  • Maximum Pitch Turn Rate: 100 ° per Server Tick
  • Maximum Travel distance: 24 metres
  • Speed Increase time: 1.5 seconds
    • This refers to how long it takes for the Projectile to increase its speed.
  • Roll Angle speed: 3.5 °
  • Roll Angle Reset speed: 10 °
  • Maximum Roll Angle: 25 °
  • Bonus Chains on Hit: +2 Chains
    • Additional Chains that will instantly grab the Survivor hit by a controlled Chain.

Chain Projectiles (Uncontrolled):

  • Launch delay: 1.5 seconds
    • This refers to how long the Game waits before launching an uncontrolled Chain after its spawn location is revealed.
  • Spawn buffer: 3 seconds
    • This refers to how long the Game waits before launching another uncontrolled Chain.
  • Minimum Spawn distance to Survivor: 2.5 metres
  • Maximum Spawn distance to Survivor: 6 metres
  • Projectile Speed: 10 m/s
  • Maximum Travel distance: 16 metres

Cenobite's Perks[]


You induce mental suffering by crushing any hope of escape.

Whenever a Generator  is completed, The Entity  blocks the Generator with the most progression for 20/25/30 seconds.

  • The Aura  of the blocked Generator is revealed to you in white during this time.

"Nobody escapes us." — Pinhead

Hex: Plaything[]

A Hex that toys with a victim's suffering.

If there is at least one Dull Totem  remaining in the Trial Grounds, Hex: Plaything activates on a random Totem each time a Survivor is hooked for the first time:

  • The hooked Survivor suffers from the Cursed  and Oblivious  Status Effects until Hex: Plaything is cleansed.
  • For the first 90 seconds, only the Cursed Survivor is able to cleanse the Hex Totem.
  • The Aura  of Hex: Plaything's Hex Totem is revealed to the Cursed Survivor within 24/20/16 metres.

The Hex effects persist as long as the related Hex Totem  is standing.

"We came. Now you must come with us. Taste our pleasure." — Pinhead

Scourge Hook: Gift of Pain[]

You are the bringer of sweet pain.

At the start of the Trial, 4 random Hooks are changed into Scourge Hooks:

  • The Auras  of Scourge Hooks are revealed to you in white.

When a Survivor is unhooked from a Scourge Hook they suffer from the Haemorrhage  and Mangled  Status Effects.

  • Both Status Effects are removed upon being healed.
  • Upon being healed, the Survivor suffers from a 7/8/9 % Healing and Repairing Action Speed penalty until they are injured again.

"We'll tear your soul apart." — Pinhead

Cenobite's Add-ons[]

Leather Strip[]

Leather strips torn from a Cenobite's uniform, allowing for the mutilation of exposed flesh.

  • Slightly reduces Summons of Pain cool-down.

Lively Crickets[]

Insects which scarcely avoided being eaten by a mysterious drifter.

  • Slightly increases Possessed Chain Turn rate.

Burning Candle[]

A candle lit by Frank Cotton during a fatal summoning ceremony.

  • Moderately reduces Chain Hunt Activation time.

Bent Nail[]

A simple nail that cut deep into Larry Cotton's hand.

Though the damage was superficial, it set into motion a horrifying set of events.

  • Grants 100 % bonus Bloodpoints for Chain Bound Score Event in the Deviousness  Category.
  • Hits with Possessed Chains only spawn 1 additional Chain.

Wriggling Maggots[]

Larvae that poured from the mouth of a corpse hidden in the Cotton household.

  • Moderately increases Possessed Chains Turn rate.

Spoiled Meal[]

A pile of mould, feasted on by a cockroach.

Perhaps a sign of Frank Cotton's mysterious disappearance...

  • Slightly increases maximum Possessed Chains Travel distance.

Skewered Rat[]

A crude solution for the Cotton home's rat problem.

  • Moderately reduces Summons of Pain cool-down.

Liquified Gore[]

The result of summoning the Cenobites.

There is no telling what part of the human body this belonged to.

  • Moderately increases Lament Configuration Solving time.

Flickering Television[]

A television that acted strangely upon the arrival of the Cenobites.

  • Moderately increases maximum Gateway Casting distance.

Torture Pillar[]

A dangling slab covered in the gore of past victims.

  • Considerably reduces Chain Hunt Activation time.

Slice of Frank[]

A slab of Frank's face after his torture at the hand of the Cenobites.

  • Survivors carrying the Lament Configuration suffer from the Exhausted  Status Effect.

Larry's Remains[]

The skeletal remains of Larry Cotton, covered in a thick, sticky layer of blood.

  • Considerably increases Lament Configuration Solving time.

Larry's Blood[]

The blood of Larry Cotton, which partially resurrected his brother Frank.

  • Moderately increases maximum Possessed Chains Travel distance.

Original Pain[]

The first pin pushed into Pinhead's skull.

Such pleasure and pain.

  • Survivors who break free of Possessed Chains suffer from the Deep Wound  Status Effect

Impaling Wire[]

A wire that pierces the cheeks of a Cenobite, while revealing the gaping wound on her neck.

  • Summons 1 additional Chain if a Survivor uses the environment to break a Chain.

Greasy Black Lens[]

A lens from the sunglasses of an obese Cenobite whose fleshy rolls droop down his face and neck.

  • Reveals Survivors hit by Possessed Chains for 6 seconds

Chatterer's Tooth[]

A fragment from a Cenobite whose mouth chatters endlessly.

This tooth, having broken from his jaw, is finally silent.

  • Reveals the Lament Configuration to The Cenobite. Picking up the Lament Configuration has the following effects:
    • Deactivates an on-going Chain Hunt.
    • Gain the Undetectable  Status Effect for 12 seconds.

Iridescent Lament Configuration[]

A glass-like puzzle box moulded from The Fog itself.

This replica differs from the original, providing altogether new powers.

  • While a Chain Hunt is inactive, Survivors beyond 16 metres of the Lament Configuration cannot see its Aura .

"You opened it. We came." — Pinhead

Engineer's Fang[]

A sharp tooth from the maw of a fleshy, scorpion-like creature, known to accompany Cenobites on their grim undertakings.

  • Possessed Chains injure Healthy  Survivors, but do not bind them or spawn additional Chains.
  • Slightly increases Gateway Closing time after hitting a healthy Survivor with a Possessed Chain.

"We have such sights to show you." — Pinhead

Limited Items[]

Lament Configuration[]

Limited Item.

Spawns in the environment when facing The Cenobite :

  • Initiates Chain Hunts after an initial idle phase.
    • Immediately initiates a Chain Hunt if The Cenobite interacts with it.
  • Reveals its Aura  to all Survivors.

Survivors can pick up and carry the Lament Configuration to solve it:

  • Causes the Oblivious  Status Effect while carried.
  • Reveals the Survivor's location to The Cenobite when starting to solve it, allowing him to teleport near them.

Lore Characters/Locations[]

  • Butterball
  • Deep Throat
  • Frank Cotton
  • Julia Cotton
  • Kirsty Cotton
  • Larry Cotton
  • The Engineer
  • Cotton Household


  • Lament Configuration


On June 19, 2019, Behaviour Interactive Inc. announced the plan to release Dead by Daylight to iOS and Android for free in an attempt to make the game more accessible to players around the world. A different development team was formed that is fully dedicated to optimizing the game for the mobile experience. Dead by Daylight Mobile was initially slated for launch in 2019, however the developers had to push the release to 2020, citing their need for more time to work on bugs and optimize. On February 27, 2019, Behaviour announced that the mobile versions will be published by Chinese video game publisher NetEase Games in Southeast Asia, Japan, and Korea. It was released in EMEA, the Americas, and South Asia on April 16, 2020.

In its 48 hours of release, Dead by Daylight Mobile outnumbered 1 million downloads. By October 2020, the game surpassed 10 million downloads.