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Name Draleba
Past Name Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Eyes White
Hair None
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Hell's Army
Occupation Unknown
Previous Occupation Cenobite; Servant of Leviathan
Gashes Unknown
Base of Operations Hell (Formerly)
Personal Status
Status Trapped within a female human's body.
First Appearance
Debut *Clive Barker's Hellraiser Masterpieces #3, "Love Is A Many Splendored Thing..."

Draleba was a Cenobite in Hell's Army who's techniques were much different to that of the other cenobites.



A woman named Esioleh was obsessed with learning the secrets of Hell being bored of Earth's "weakness and cowardice. She murdered a man and removed his organs. Using this and her obsession, Esioleh unlocked a gateway and summoned Draleba. Draleba rejects Esioleh's wishes to go into Hell as she appears to not yet be ready for what Hell has to offer, and he leaves.

The next day Esioleh murders again and summons Draleba, who again rejects her and tells her that she could live a much better life on earth rather than in Hell. Draleba leaves and his true emotions are revealed as he believes that Esioleh is beautiful and so he comes back and watches her sleep at night.

Five days later, Esioleh attempted to solve a new puzzle, which angered Draleba, who appeared, destroyed the puzzle and scratched her as a warning of Hell's sights and the pain he could offer Esioleh, before leaving once again. Esioleh summoned Draleba again the next day, which is when he confessed that he loved her, which to him meant that Leviathan was flawed. Draleba agreed to switch bodies with Esioleh, and while she went laughing into Hell inside Draleba's cenobite body, he remained on Earth thinking how much worse the transformation was than Hell.


Draleba was a tall cenobite who wore black robes rather than the black leather bound suits that cenobites commonly wore. His face had ridges in it and his eyes were two white orbs. His most distinguishing feature though would be the two knives protruding from his bald head.

Draleba was different from other cenobites, seemingly judging Esioleh to see if she could enter Hell or not. Draleba also developed a set of emotions for a human, something unique as cenobites have special relatinships with other cenobites and not humans, this lead Draleba to believe that Leviathan's design had flaws and so he allowed Esioleh what she was after even if it meant misery for Draleba.


  • Clive Barker's Hellraiser Masterpieces #3, "Love Is A Many Splendored Thing..."

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