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What's your pleasure, sir?

— Common phrase of an Eremite

An Eremite is a demonic guardian of the Puzzle Boxes that act as gateways to Hell. Their sole purpose is to act as Leviathan's emissaries on Earth, to lure unsuspecting souls to Hell. It is their duty to stand as guardians over the various puzzle boxes created by Philip LeMarchand, retrieving and distributing them to those who seek them out.


Eremites are the result of the Cenobite Orno and a human, with Orno sending his essence to Earth via Raw Material in order to impregnate a woman. After nine months, an Eremite is born, and sixteen years later Orno will gift the Eremite with the Puzzle Box it is connected to in order to act as its guardian.

The Puzzle Boxes are never alone. Guarded by the Eremites or "Keepers", they are kept hidden, protected like secrets, treasures shrouded by shadow. Unlike the Cenobites, which are communal, Eremites are solitary. They serve Leviathan's will on Earth, solo. They're custodians of Hell's devices, passing on LeMarchand's toys onto new owners, and keep the puzzles safe from harm. Wrapped most often in human skin from the flesh vats of hell, these guardians roam free of detection. They manipulate, tantalize and enthrall, dealing the keys to Hell like China-white heroin. They are Leviathan's grand masters of damnation game.

Wandering the fringes of our world, they follow trails scented by lust and desire. They can appear as anything they wish; a beggar on the street corner, a purring green-eyed cat that softly pads into your life on white-booted feet, or, if necessary, a creature you've seen only in your nightmares, lifting into the night sky on ghoulish tattered wings.

Often they have a home, a lair to which they can return and rest. They are usually dark and infested places hidden in sewers or under bridges, built like a rat's nest, out of garbage. Amidst the clutter is their collection; trophies, mementos taken from their victims. Wallets, earrings, fingers, with photographs thumb-tacked to a wall beside newspaper clippings and milk carton pictures describing those who will remain forever "missing."

"What's your pleasure, sir?" is the common phrase asked by a Keeper to those who seek the dark path to forbidden pleasure and pain. For those seeking something new, something dark, dangerous, or something to put the edge back on their dulled life, they don't look long, for Hell will surely find them.

Physical Appearance[]

Although an Eremite appears in various human forms, its true form is that of a large demonic skeletal draconic creature, with long black horns growing from it's empty eye sockets, skeletal bat-like wings and tail. Some of the only abilities it is shown to have is flight, shapeshifting and fire resistance.