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Face 2
Name Face
Past Name Lon Chaney
Age 100+
Gender Male
Eyes Black (Currently)
Brown (Previously)
Hair None (Currently)
Black (Formerly)
Professional Status
Affiliation Hell's Army
Occupation Cenobite; Servant of Leviathan
Previous Occupation Actor, Make-Up Artist, Director, Screenwriter
Gashes Vasa Iniquitatis
Base of Operations Hell; The Labyrinth
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Lon Chaney Jr. (Son; Deceased)
First Appearance
Debut Clive Barker's Book of the Damned: A Hellraiser Companion #2

I come on behalf of our lord, Leviathan. There are other dramas to play this day, Face."
"Always! Always...Which shall it be? Comedy or tragedy?

— Conversation between Flagellum and Face

The Face, formerly known as Lon Chaney, is a Cenobite with a large collection of human faces that he staples onto his own head. Ever the thespian, he now runs the Grand Theater in Hell where he shows public torment. Doomed to never know the immortality of his precious silver screen, this diabolic 'Actor-with-a-capital-A'. Instead found a small degree of fame In the role of a serial killer before accepting the position of resident thespian In the ranks of the Cenobites. Now his deathlessness is insured, although the only thing silver about it is the gleam of the instruments with which he peels back the flesh from around his victims' skulls.



Face is a rather old Cenobite who wears a leather suit. He has no skin and wears peoples' faces that he attached to his own face to use as masks. Face has a large collection of human faces, which he wears only for aesthetic purposes. He also wears the skin of hands as gloves. He claims to have a face for every occasion.




To Prepare Face[]

Lon Chaney, an actor praised for his realistic masks used to portray characters, attracts the attention of Leviathan after his pursuits lead to his desire to strip a man, Fagin, of his face in order to better perform his role in Oliver Twist. Pinhead intervenes and kills Fagin for Chaney, offering Fagin's face to the actor.

Chaney's success leads him to desire another face in order to effectively portray Quasimodo in a production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. While in London, Chaney murders a performer in a freak show named Henrik, stealing his face for the role.

Face 1

Lon Chaney becomes Face

With his continued success, Chaney proposes to his beloved Patty Ruth Miller, however she turns him down, having already been proposed to by Chaney's colleague, Norman Kerry. Feeling spurned, and in preparation for another role in The Phantom of the Opera, Chaney pursues Kerry and burns his face with sulphuric acid, though he is thwarted by Detective Murray, who had been investigating Chaney's murders. Fleeing, Chaney encounters Pinhead, who reveals that he had been guiding Chaney all this time, and escorts him to Hell, where he is remade into the Cenobite, Face.


The Warm Red[]

Brian Rhodes was a failed cattle rancher who had made a deal with Face to deliver souls to him after torturing them with a scalpel. Thus, when Maureen Endicott approaches Brian, who is the only person remaining on the land proposed for an amusement park, and attempts to seduce him into allowing her to find someone to buy him out, Brian drugs her and prepares her for Face.

Brian summons Face with the Lament Configuration and offers Maureen to the Cenobite. However, Maureen then struck a deal with Face, offering the future patrons of the proposed amusement park in her place. Curious, Face asks that Maureen prove her worthiness to him by torturing Brian.


The Devil's Brigade[]

While preparing a performance of torture, Face is rallied to the Vasa Iniquitatis by Leviathan, speaking through Flagellum. In wake of an imbalance of chaos, Face is assigned one of the six human Nexus points of the Time of Configuration, Leo Shabel, whose depression could lead him to chaotic insanity rather than overcoming the disorder of his community.

The Heart of Elegance, an unfinished play by Garrison Elliot, is protected by the Puzzle Guardian Elias Trimble, who gifts it to Lisa Ann Mercer. Sharing it with Leo, Lisa Ann is upset when Leo rejects her idea to use the Heart of Elegance to bring life back to The Street Haven, a homeless shelter he'd built. In attempting to uncover the mysteries of the Heart of Elegance, Lisa Ann cuts herself, dripping blood onto it, opening a gateway that summons Face. Face then takes possession of Lisa Ann's body. Face then provides Leo with the money required to keep The Street Haven open, prompting Leo to kiss Face as Lisa Ann.

Leo leads a homeless march in celebration of the reopening of The Street Haven, but uses money from The Street Haven to buy Lisa Ann - who is still possessed by Face - a necklace, as he was tired of denying himself and wanted to take a night off. However, when Leo is called fake after not giving a donation to a homeless man, Leo lashes out, stuffing money down the homeless man's throat and wishing him dead. Leo then admits to Face that he'd murdered his younger sister when he was younger, though the death was blamed on S.I.D.S. Detached from his sanity, Leo murders Lisa Ann - envisioning her as his sister.

Flagellum warns Face that he is pushing Leo too far, with Face admitting to having been self-indulgent. Attempting to save the situation, Face reanimates Lisa Ann's corpse, horrifying Leo. Leo reacts by ripping off Lisa Ann's face, revealing Face, who discards Lisa Ann's skin and confronts Leo himself. Leo then rips off the face being worn by Face, demanding to know who was responsible, only to see his own image. Driven to insanity, Leo flees into the streets and murders a homeless man. Face accepts his failure, but laments that he'd put on one hell of a show.

Face is put on trial before Praetur Abator, alongside the other members of the Vasa Iniquitatis, save for Pinhead. Face's heart is weighed by Praetur, who deems Face's endeavors a victory for chaos, having failed to aid Leo Shabel. When chaos appears to have won over order, the Cenobite chronicler, Griot, is exposed for depicting false events and is murdered. Pinhead then arrives and calls for order in the court. PInhead then kills Praetur Abator and declares victory for order, elaborating on the success of his mission.


Face witnesses the Call to Arms, in which The General summons the Lucky Six to combat the Harrowers, including Merkova, and Turpis.


Clive Barker's Pinhead[]

When Pinhead is cast into his past incarnations, Face is one of the Cenobites to volunteer to traverse time in order to retrieve Pinhead, although he is ultimately not one of the Cenobites chosen to do so.

Distant Future[]

The Crystal Precipice[]

In the distance future, on another planet, Face watches over his "friends" that compose the Crystal Precipice, which was created as another gateway linking Earth with Hell, destined to be solved by the humans.

Following a falling out between a stranded crew, triggered by the rape of a woman named Andrea by a man named Ernest, Ernest makes his way to the Crystal Precipice and solves it by offering an ounce of flesh. With Face, Ernest hunts his crew, taking Andrea captive. Face then murders Andrea in order to prevent her comrades, Barry and Felice, from finding them.

When Ernest makes another offering, he asks that Face allow Barry and Felice to approach the Crystal Precipice, which they had been pursuing relentlessly without making any progress. Face allows this, and Ernest manages to kill Barry, but Felice scratches his face and escape. Face suggests that Ernest pursue Felice, but Ernest is downtrodden by his injury and vows to kill Felice. Conversely, Face asks that Ernest not give in to his nature, but Ernest shoots at Felice, causing her to fall to her death, but strikes the Crystal Precipice in the process.

Face turns against Ernest and reveals that the Crystal Precipice is composed of the souls of the fallen, remarking on how Ernest could have become one of them, just as Andrea, Felice, and Barry will, now that they're free of their flesh. Ernest on the other hand, would be punished for his transgression, with other Cenobites joining Face in dragging Ernest to Hell, where he would become a Cenobite Pet.


  • Lon Chaney was a real actor, who actually performed in "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" and "The Phantom of the Opera"


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