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Halo II
Human Name: Unknown
Affiliations: Hell's Army
Gashes: Blue Boy's
Fate: Unknown

Halo II is a rather unknown cenobite who doesn't speak very often, he is very loyal to his Blue Boy.


Halo II was a cenobite who was modelled after the original Halo cenobite, and he was one of many reproductions of this design like himslef and Haloblades, much like Chatterer was the muse for Torso and Chatterer III respectively.

Sometime during the Vietnam War, soldier Atkins traveled into a Tunnel of Love in search for hidden Viatemese, as ordered. Halo II was one of three cenobites that came to greet Atkins after he had unknowingly solved the Tunnel of Love puzzle by moving through it in the correct sequence. He alongside the cenobites Laughing Boy and Blue Boy helped guide Atkins to Leviathan where he was made into a very influential cenobite who had control over Hell's Armory.

Halo II did not appear ever again making his fate unknown.


Halo II was a tall cenobite who dressed in the classic form of a leather cenobite suit. It had a metal halo surrounding its head from which spikes went into its head and shoulders.



  • Tunnel of Love


  • Halo II shares many traits with Chatterer, much like how Laughing Boy shares many traits with theFemale Cenobite