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Hellraiser Hopper
Human Name - Unknown
Occupation - Cenobite in Hell's Army
Fate - Alive

"Blue angels singing the songs of metal and flesh, wordless and sublime." -Jason's description of Brains and Hopper.

Hopper is a mute cenobite from Hell's Army that alongside his partner cenobite, Brains, has a certain love for music.



Jason, a musical stylist who excelled at piano, had been diagnosed as blind and later became infatuated with a woman named Deborah who was secretly plotting his downfall in musical talent with another man named Stephen. They put razor blades in Jason's piano and he was mutilated. Deborah later was diagnosed with cancer and died as a result of it later leaving only Stephen in Jason's scope of revenge.


Jason solved the Lament Configuration and as a result Brains and Hopper were summoned, the two cenobites helped show Jason Hell's talent through music through a group of cenobites known as the Symphony. In the end the cenobites helped create a song for Jason that would guarentee his revenge on Stephen.

After Brains and Hopper returned to Hell, Jason gave Stephen the song to play, and when he did it turned out the song was a puzzle itself and it summoned chained hooks which mutilated Jason, Stephen and the entire audience, only for them to be later taken to Hell by Brains and Hopper.


Hopper is a shorter Cenobite that has pale blue skin and has no neck, which is the entire reasoning for his name. His head is only visible from the bottom of its nose down as the rest is hidden by his collar making it appear his head had been forced into his shoulders. His eyes are sewn shut and it appears as if Hopper's lower body is tightly bound into a 'tail' of leather, a similar design of fellow cenobite, Slave.


Comic Appearances[]

  • Songs of Metal Through Flesh