Hellraiser Wiki
Name Hunger
Past Name Unknown
Age 464+ (1528-1992)
Gender Male
Hair None
Professional Status
Gashes Hunger's Gash
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Debut Clive Barker's Hellraiser #2: Driver's Hands

Hunger is a Cenobite that appeared in Epic Comic's Hellraiser series.



Hunger is a cenobite who has pale blue skin. He is bald with a tight leather, spike-covered suit that clings to his dangerously skinny body. His mouth is outstretched, much like Chatterer's and he has many sharp and pointed teeth. Hunger also has large bulbous, but threatening eyes and wears white gloves.


Like many Cenobites, Hunger abides by the laws set forth under Leviathan, though he often extends his reach beyond those who summon him. His lack of remorse has led to the creation of numerous Cenobite Pets, composed from discarded corpses.



On These Blue Depths Lie Hell[]

Aboard the Fuerza De Dios during its voyage to Florida, Padre de Bogado performs a ritual involving the flaying of his own skin with with a whip and an incantation, summoning Hunger.

Hunger delights in pursuing the rest of the crew, who resolve to set the ship on fire in order to send Hunger back to Hell. As a man named Eduardo is about to light the fuse, Hunger stops time and remarks that Eduardo's conflicting fear and desire have put Hell at a stalemate - dragging the Fuerza de Dios to the depths.



Hunger is summoned by the likes of a man named Adam, who, in a bout of fear, offers his younger brother to the Cenobite in his place. Hunger accepts Adam's offer, bringing Christopher to Hell instead and transforming him into a Cenobite Pet.


Driver's Hands[]

When a man named Vincent developed Leprosy, he sought the salvation of the Lament Configuration rather than seeking treatment. Arriving at the Carrboro Hansen Disease Centre when he'd discovered that LeMarchand had been the building's architect.

Here, Vincent discovers the Carrboro Lament Configuration, however as his hands had become too damaged to solve the Puzzle Box himself. Instead, Vincent uses a nurse named Mary, who had developed an attraction to him, to solve the Carrboro Lament Configuration, summoning Hunger. Vincent then offers Mary to Hunger in hopes that the Cenobite would allow him to become a Cenobite as well.

While taking Mary to Hell, Hunger instructs her to throw the Carrboro Lament Configuration, rejecting Vincent's desires. Vincent would search feverishly for the Puzzle Box, to no avail, but the sequence of halls traversed in the Carrboro Hansen Disease Centre unlocks another gateway, summoning Hunger and his Cenobite troops once more, alongside Mary, who had been reconstructed into a Cenobite pet, who then bring Vincent with them back to Hell.

Fire Trap[]

Having discovered that his father was in fact a Puzzle Guardian, Byron attempts to kill him by setting the family homestead on fire during a family reunion, only for Byron's father to escape to Hell. Byron's cousin, Steve Whitcomb, whom Byron had warned to stay away from the reunion, rushed to stop Byron from doing anything crazy.

Hunger cenobites

Whitcomb meets Hunger

Upon arrival, Whitcomb finds that every member of his family was dead, and Byron had raced in before him. Determined to avenge his family by killing Byron, Whitcomb explores the destroyed homestead. When Whitcomb finds Byron, Byron expresses his disappointment in failing to kill his father or even destroy the Book of Riddles, which his father had made him read growing up. Knowing that his father was in Hell, Byron vows to solve the Book of Riddles in order to reach his father and kill him once and for all. In doing so, Byron summons Hunger, who uses the corpses of Whitcomb's uncle, Barney, and cousin, Meg, to create a Cenobite Pet - unleashing it on the unsuspecting firemen with Whitcomb.

While Whitcomb manages to escape the monstrosities created by Hunger, he finds himself face-to-face with the Cenobite, though he is saved by Byron. While planning their escape, they are pursued by the Cenobite Pets, and so Whitcomb throws Byron to them, reasoning that they sought after Byron for opening the gateway. In attempting his escape however, Whitcomb is trapped and surrounded by Hunger and his troops, now joined by Byron's father, eager to tear Whitcomb's soul apart.


I in the Pyramid[]

Ms. Hansell receives the Lament Configuration, which she was charged with solving in order to enter the University of Adversity Program by Donald Wallace. Eventually, Ms Hansell succeeds in solving the Lament Configuration and is brought to Hell by Hunger, who then charges Wallace with recruiting new souls at an exponential rate over the course of a year in order to satisfy his end of the bargain - only Hunger knows that he will be unable to do so, given that the number of new recruits would be impossible to reach within less than half a year, meaning that he would be dragged back to Hell himself.


Eighteen years after casting his brother into the abyss, Hunger returns to confront Adam with the result of his actions. As it turns out, Hunger's reappearance is the result of Christopher, who passionately sought out his elder brother. Though Hunger is unsure of the reasoning for Christopher's sudden disobedience, he surmises that Christopher had wanted to share what he'd learned with Adam - and while Hunger allowed this, he suggests that Christopher would have to be retrained when they return to Hell. Adam begs Hunger not to take him to Hell, suggesting that he'd changed and had a family now. To this, Hunger suggests that he could offer Adam the same deal he'd offered before, and Adam immediately offers up his son, Benjamin, in his place. However, upon investigation, Hunger and Adam find that Christopher had devoured Benjamin, making him unfit for the taking. Horrified, Adam attempts to offer his wife instead, but Hunger refuses to relent, ultimately dragging Adam to Hell.


In These Blue Depths Lie Hell[]

When Claire, and Nerissa join Tony in a dive to unearth the mysteries of his ancestor's mysterious disappearance, they plot to kill him in order to claim his insurance money. However, their murderous desires allow Hunger to bring them aboard the Fuerza De Dios, resuming the flow of time. Hunger relishes in Claire's horror, mocking her for turning on her own desire, before ripping out her heart. Likewise, Hunger preys on Nerissa by tearing the flesh from her bones. Meanwhile, Tony helps Eduardo prepare the fire, after repeated failed attempts to commune due to a language barrier. Tony and Eduardo manage to trigger the explosion, destroying the Fuerza de Dios, and while Tony makes it back to his own time, Hunger's hooks follow and drag him and his boat to Hell.


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