Hellraiser Wiki
Human Name - Unknown
Occupation - Cenobite in Hell's Army
Gashes - His own
Fate - Alive

Master is a reasonable cenobite, but abides closely by the beliefs of the cenobites and makes descisions based on them as such.



After Edward Leverette was made into the Slave cenobite, Master appeared before him and welcomed him into Hell's Barracks guiding him further into Hell.


When a serial killer known as the Stalker solved the Lament Configuration and was taken to Hell, he was tortured by Master and fellow ceobites which included Abigor and Brain. When Stalker showed intrest in becoming a cenobite himself Master told him to explain his reasoning and the cenobites listened to Stalker as he reviewed his life's story before he solves the puzzle box. When Stalker finished the cenobites were then meant to judge the Stalker to see if he was fit to become a cenobite himself. Master proclaimed that though Stalker had potential, he did not fully understand the philosophies of the cenobites and that maybe later Stalker could become one of them. After passing judgement Master ripped Stalker apart himself.


Master is a tall cenobite clad in the traditional leather bondage suit worn similarily by Pinhead and many other cenobites. Master has three heads that are seemingly fused together and that have two horns protruding from the top.



  • Cenobite!
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