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"Just enough time to make a lovely bracelet from your intestines..." -Merkova threatening to kill Zinc.


Merkova is a cenobite that appears in the Hellraiser comic series, primarily the ones about the Harrowers, she is the cenobite love interest of Pinhead, as shown in the series they care very deeply about each other.


Merkova was a cenobite present at the Call to Arms to witness the solving of the Puzzle Chamber by The General which summoned the Lucky Six, six cenobites destined to face off against the Harrowers who's goal is to free the goddess Morte Mamme.

The Threat

Merkova was the leader of the Lucky Six, followed by Turpis, Haloblades, Cattleskull, Fulgar and Cowboy. When they arrived at the Egg Museum, the Harrowers had already relased Morte Mamme. Zinc, the pet cat of the Harrowes, wandered toward Merkova, who picked him up and threatened to kill him. Harrower, Winston Gage, could see through Zinc's eyes and saw the cenobites' arrival, he quickly switched places with Zinc through teleportation, catching Merkova off guard. He managed to cut off both of Merkova's arms with his divine axe. The rest of the Harrowers soon joined them and a battle ensued.

A creature called Ovid was created by Morte Mamme, to give courage to the Harrowers, Lucinda and Lavinia and granted them the power of duplication. Ovid was flatulant and his fumes distracted all the cenobites save for Merkova, and Lucinda and Lavinia quickly tied them with their divine rope. The Harrowers managed to dismember the five cenobites in their confusion. Leaving Merkova by herself.

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Merkova dying in Pinhead's arms

Merkova was stabbed in the stomach by Marty Sevenbirds' divine longsword and was mortally wounded in the fight she took part of, so rather than yeild to the powers of the Harrowers, Merkova kidnapped the Harrower Bunny Benedict and retreated back to Hell.

Pinhead found Merkova dying in Hell, where he removed Marty's sword, which killed her afterwards. Pinhead mourned her death, saying that the Harrowers would pay with their souls for her death. Pinhead then took over torturing Bunny in Hell.


Merkova is a cenobite that has a skeletal horse snout stitched onto her face as well as the lower legs of a horse as hers seem to have been removed. She also has what seems to be horse hair on her arms and belt. Unlike most cenobites though, Merkova's is not completely bald as she has a mowhawk that drapes down her back.Her leather bondage outfit that most cenobites wear is rather revealling


  • The Harrowing part I: Ressurrection
  • The Harrowing part II: Inressurrection


  • Merkova is one of few cenobites to have a lover, Pinhead, others being Female Cenobite who was also with Pinhead, Alastor and Chalkis and Sculptress and "My Sweet".