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Mike and derrick

Mike (Left) and Derrick(right)


  • Human
  • Psudo Cenobite (hallucination)


  • His Friends
  • Pinhead's Gash (hallucination)
Reason: Scared to Death

Friend to Allison, Derrick, Chelsea, Jake as well as his late friend Adam. Mike was the sex addicted friend of the group, also addicted to an online Hellraiser game.


Mike was a sex addicted friend to the main prototagonist group of Chelsea, Allison, Derrick, Jake aswell as a rather close friend to Adam, who killed himself to prove himself to the cenobites, Mike shared the guilt with the group as he knew how real Adam thought the Hellraiser computer Game was.

A Hellraiser themed party seemed to be just the right medicine as he helped encourage the rest of the group to go and have a good time.

Mike meets the girl of his dreams on the dance floor, seductive and willing, he ends up having oral sex with the girl but when she mysteriously disappeared, locking him in the basement, Bound II stepped in and started dragging Mike around on a giant hook.

As a Cenobite[]

Mike and Allison were both turned into pseudo cenobites by Chatterer III, who used their deaths to his advantage. Mike and

Mike cenobite

Mike as a Pseudo Cenobite

Allison both helped chase Jake and Chelsea, as they were the only survivors left, along with the cenobites Bound II, Pinhead and Chatterer III. Finally after much grief Chelsea managed to figure out that the Host of the party was really Adam's revenge seeking father, who drugged them causing the cenobite Hallucinations as well as Mike and Allison's undead forms. In reality, Mike died from fear.


Mike was a teenager with long dark brown hair, and a sexual attitude, but as a pseudo cenobite, Mike had a gaping hole in his chest that still gushed with blood from Bound II's damage, as well as having his face stitched back together after it was apparently torn to shreds.



Henry Cavill


  • Like most other pseudo cenobites ( Allison, Barbie, CD etc.) it seems that cenobites made from scratch seem to know about their past lives unlike cenobites made in Hell like Pinhead, as shown in Hellraiser 2
  • It is interesting to note that Mike as a pseudo cenobite appeared to be a normal undead version of himself as opposed to the previous cenobites who appeared tortured and disfigured as well as being clad in leather outfits.