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Mr Soul

Past Name: Unknown

Affiliation: Cenobite in Hell's Army

Gashes: His Own

Fate: Unknown

First Appearence: Dance of The Fetus

Last Appearence: Dance of The Fetus

Mr. Soul was a cenobite with a relatively small role and a unique styling when it comes to the ways of the cenobites, much like Draleba and Whirl-Jack, Mr. Soul is a one of a kind cenobite.



Mr. Soul was summoned by Alice's thoughts of suicide, It took a total of 210 to summon him. He helped Alice "kill" herself but not before discovering a fetus inside of her, which he removes from Alice's womb and sends away, not to hell but not to the world of the living either. After that he made Alice a spot in Hell where she continuously produced cenobite fetuses. He managed to show her a fate worse than death. What happened to Mr. Soul afterwards is unknown.


Mr. Soul is a unique cenobite, with blue skin, sunglasses, and quite a bit of body hair. Mr. Soul is a very muscular cenobite and has managed to build up a hunch-like posture. His mouth is full of sharp teeth and unlike other cenobites, Mr. Soul wears black leather overall-like outfit rather than the more traditional close fitting black leather dominatrix style.



  • Dance of the Fetus


  • The style that Mr. Soul uses to be summoned, along with his name and attitude, make Mr. Soul portray a Death-like character, answering those who call for death and reaping the benefits.