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Orno Cenobite

Orno is a Cenobite that appeared in the Hellraiser series of Epic Comics. Orno is tasked with creating new pathways to Hell, while also fathering the Puzzle Guardians.



Orno is a male Cenobite with pale white skin wrapped in heavy blue robes, with an exposed chest. Protruding from his face are three curved silver arrows, over which wire stretches the skin on his brow line, jawline, and chin, while the skin on his chest is similarly flayed.



In life, Orno was a man of science who was tempted by the Lament Configuration and sought the mathematical gateway to Hell. Upon his arrival, Orno was transformed into a Cenobite, and charged with creating new gateways, being provided "Raw Material" by Leviathan in the form of the denizens of Hell in order to do so.

By exposing his own brain to create a new Puzzle Box in the model of the human mazes of the mind, Orno imbues the Raw Material with his essence and sends it to Earth to reproduce with a human. Encountering a prostitute, the Raw Material impregnates her and committing suicide by running in front of oncoming traffic shortly thereafter, having fulfilled its purpose by delivering Orno's genetic material. The prostitute then gives birth 9 months later, to young Ian Miller, and dies in childbirth. Sixteen years later, on the day of Ian's 16th birthday, Orno sends his son his corresponding Puzzle Box, with Ian becoming its Guardian.


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