Hellraiser Wiki
Name Pistonhead
Past Name J. P. Monroe
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Eyes Brown
Hair None
Brown (Previously)
Professional Status
Affiliation Hell
Occupation Cenobite in Hell's Army
Gashes Pinhead's Gash
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance

Pistonhead is a Pseudo Cenobite that appeared in Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth.


Pistonhead was in his former life, J.P. Monroe. It is strongly implied through a chat with Pinhead that J.P. murdered his parents to claim their fortune. He was the owner of a night club called The Boiler Room. He was a collector of dark artworks. J.P.'s on again off again girlfriend Terri finds The Pillar of Souls, which contains Pinhead, and informs J.P. of it knowing it was right up his alley. J.P. purchases it and has it placed inside his personal quarters in The Boiler Room. He drops blood on it after being bitten by a rat. Pinhead awakes and offers him the power over flesh to create unique art if he brings Pinhead victims to absorb and be freed from the pillar. When J.P. tries to offer Terri to Pinhead, she gets the upper hand and knocks J.P. unconcious. Pinhead then asks Terri to offer him J.P. on the promise that will let her dream. When Terri reluctantly moves J.P. close enough, Pinhead drives two pistons through his head, killing him. Sometime afterwards, he is turned into the pseudo cenobite Pistonhead. He faces Joey one last time on the construction site, before being sent to hell. He never appears again and his fate remains unknown, but it can be assumed his was made into a "true" cenobite by Leviathan after entering hell.



  • Hellraiser: Hell On Earth


Pistonhead murdering his parents to get their fortune when he used to be human is extremely similar to Erik and Lyle Menendez, who murdered their own parents in August 20, 1989 to get their fortune.