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Praetor Abatur
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Human Name: Unknown
Occupation: Hell's Judge
Fate: Deceased
Cause: Killed by Pinhead for corrupting the minds of many cenobites.

Praetor Abatur is the positioned judge of Hell, weighing the hearts of cenobites and classifying them as either guilty or innocent. He deals mainly with keeping order rather than chaos.


Praetur Abator heard about the Vasa Iniquitatis returning successfully from their missions to restore order, so he called them all to a tribunal to weigh their hearts and classify their success. He also instructed Griot III to attend as he was meant to record the outcome. When Pinhead failed to appear at his own tribunal, Abatur accused him of being a traitor against Hell saying Pinhead was letting chaos win. Abatur ordered Pinhead's execution but when Griot III defended Pinhead Abatur had him ripped apart for also being a traitor. When confronted Pinhead was proven innocent as he was the "Favoured One" for being loyal to Hell, and Pinhead was then given the opportunity to rip Praetor Abatur apart via chains, killing the corrupt judge.


Abatur appears to be rather obese, he also has dark shaded skin and numerous decorative tatoos covering his face and neck. He has an open hole leading to his brain above his right eye. His eyes are dark and shrouded, he has three small scars above his right eye, and he has sunken cheeks that go inside his swollen face. Abatur was shown to have much power within Hell as he was able to control the thoughts of many cenobites using manipulation to kill Griot III and attack Pinhead.


  • The Devil's Brigade part XVIII: Reckoning