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Pseudo Cenobites are individuals which have not been taken to Hell and put into a Cenobite Creation Chamber to be made into a full-fledged Cenobite. The term 'pseudo', meaning fake, is a title given to said "incomplete cenobites" who have not finished their forming process by going to Hell. Pseudo Cenobites were first introduced in the third film installment, Hellraiser: Hell on Earth, where Pinhead executed an entire bar full of patrons. Afterwards, he kept the mutilated bodies in a warehouse and he slowly turned the dead into Pseudo Cenobites. Fortunately he only managed to transform five dead bodies into pseudos before being interrupted by Joey.

Angelique also had a tendency to make Pseudo Cenobites, as she made four pseudo clowns and four pseudo pet cenobites which she used in her own personal gash during a deleted scene from Hellraiser: Bloodline.

In Hellraiser: Hellworld, during a hallucination, two best friends to the main protagonist, were made into Pseudo Cenobites by Chatterer III throughout the film. Also many pseudos appear in the Hellraiser comic series.

A strange trait that pseudos have developed is to be able to remember their pasts unlike true cenobite, as seen in Hellbound: Hellraiser II, where Pinhead, The Female Cenobite, Butterball and the newly made over Chatterer were forced to remember their pasts because of Kirsty. It's also a known fact that a person must die before becoming a Pseudo Cenobite and that the transformation process takes a long time to accomplish.

Memorable Pseudo Cenobites[]

  • Alison
  • Barbie
  • Camerahead
  • CD
  • Dreamer
  • Mike
  • Pistonhead - was in his former life JP Monroe. JP Monroe kills his parents on young to claim the fortune. He was the owner of a night club called The Boiler Room. He was a collector and maker of dark artworks until a friend finds The Pillar of Souls and he buys it. He drops blood on it when bitten by a rat. Pinhead awakes and offer him the power over flesh to create unique art and he will get this reward if he bring Pinhead victims to absorb. When he tries to offer him Terry, she gets the upper hand. Pinhead ask her to offer JP and he will let her dream. From the moment he's close enough, he transform him into Pistonhead by driving a piston through his head. He faces Joey one last time on the construction site, before being sent to hell.