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Like the Raven cenobite, Ring was said to be either in Hellraiser:Deader or Hellraiser: Hellworld but for some reason was never put in, most likely due to the amount of the buget in the last two Hellraiser movites. It was said that Ring would be the homage to the Female cenobite. Thus meaning that Ring knew the Female cenobite and respected her greatly. I believe that the Ring cenobite was a female with a shaved head. I picture her with a large ring wrapping around her head and dissapearing inside her jaw. Also I picture a large ring in her neck and many smaller rings embedded in her arms.
'''Ring''' was a female [[cenobite]] that was considered for either Hellraiser: Deader or Hellraiser: Hellworld, much like [[Raven]], [[Spike]] and [[Siamese Twins|The Siamese Twins]]. None of these cenobites made it in the final cuts of the films, most likely due to budget cuts.
Unlike Raven, Ring's past had also been considered. Ring was apparently to be a woman who was married six times atleast, being married so many times because she became a black widow, killing her Husbands for their money or other luxuries.
Ring was to be the homeage to [[Female Cenobite|The Female Cenobite]], which would have meant that the two knew each other somehow and The Female somehow earned Ring's respect. Her appearence is completely unknown, although, from her name, it is suggested that rings were involved in some way.

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