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Saucy Jack
Saucy Jack Cenobite
Name Saucy Jack
Aliases Saucy Jack
Past Name Jack the Ripper
Age 100+
Gender Male
Eyes White
Hair Brown
Professional Status
Previous Occupation Serial Killer
Previous Partner Butterball
Bright Eyes
The Voice
The Engineer
Preferred Weapon(s) Knives
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Debut Clive Barker's Hellraiser Book 7: "Under the Knife"

Saucy Jack is a Cenobite that appeared in Epic Comic's Hellraiser series, and was created from the body and soul of Jack the Ripper.



As a Cenobite Jack has wide white eyes, as well as an array of knives connected to a mechanical device to replace both of his seemingly removed hands. He dresses in black leather and a short cape. His chest was cut open and is held closed by numerous hooks. He can open or close this hole at will, and inside is shown to be darkness representing the void. Strangely enough, Jack was allowed to keep his hair and his mustache after he became a cenobite.


Saucy Jack is psychotic and violent, bearing no guilt over the lives he'd ended in his pursuit over the Heart of Damnation. His aggression is only further validated by his reaction to Hank Windell's stabbing of the Heart of Damnation, resulting in Saucy Jack's vicious lashing out at those who were intended to be brought into the ranks of Hell.



Famed serial killer, Jack the Ripper, seeking a gateway to Hell called the the Heart of Damnation, continues to murder prostitutes. Upon the murder of Mary Kelly, his 25th victim, Jack ripped out her heart and discovered that it was in fact what he was seeking. Writing letters to encourage local newspapers to write articles about his murders, Jack then burned the article written in "The Penny Illustrated" in order to unlock the Heart of Damnation, being made into a Cenobite shortly thereafter.


In researching Jack the Ripper, Dr. Glenda Martinac becomes a copycat killer, referred to as the "Chicago Ripper", murdering three people and reaching out to reporter Hank Windell in order to have articles published about her murders. Glenda then proceeded to stab Hank and burn an article that had been written about her, solving the Heart of Damnation just as Jack the Ripper had done more than 100 years prior.

The resulting gateway summons Saucy Jack, alongside The Voice, Bright Eyes, Butterball, and the Engineer, intent on bringing Glenda to Hell. Horrified by everything that had transpired, Hank stabs the Heart of Damnation - infuriating Saucy Jack, who then leads the Cenobites in slaughtering both Hank and Glenda before returning to Hell.



  • Clive Barker’s Hellraiser #7 - "Under the Knife"