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"The Sculptress"
Name "The Sculptress"
Past Name Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Eyes Red
Hair None
Professional Status
Affiliation Hell
Occupation Innovative Sculptor of Flesh
Gashes None
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance

"She understood the connection between pain and pleasure perfectly... she was a masseuse of torture... completely at one with her work"

—"My Sweet's" description of The Sculptress

 "The Sculptress" is a placeholder name for a Cenobite whose duty it was to manipulate flesh into new and innovative forms of artwork. The Sculptress was blind to the attraction of one of her prized creations, "My Sweet", and ultimately made him suffer a fate worse then death when she used his lips in order to please her lover, the "Delivery Boy".



The Sculptress was a very focused cenobite, who dove into her work and never came out. She had pale white skin and red eyes, though her most distinguishing feature was the set of knives that she had inlaid to her fingers. The Sculptress, unlike other cenobites, wore a revealing leather out fit that was dark green rather than the classic black dominatrix styling of the cenobites' leather outfits. The Sculptress also has an earring of Leviathan in her right ear.


The Sculptress was a cenobite who created preverse and unique works of art out of flesh that was delivered to her by the "Delivery Boy". The Delivery Boy one day brought The Sculptress a man who had only recently unlocked a puzzle box and was taken to Hell to experience his wildest desires. This man became known as "My Sweet" to The Sculptress, who severed his body from the waist down and strung up his torso using Chains in addition to cutting a heart-shape from the flesh of his chest. My Sweet wished that he had known about The Sculptress long ago as he had an unconditional love for her and what she was putting him through was better than what he was given by the cenobites who brought him to Hell.

Sculptress' knives

The Sculptress' Knives

The Sculptress used many pieces of "My Sweet" on another project of hers, Mr. Shine, which involved her taking "My Sweet's" tongue, pancreas and ring finger, so it was impossible for "My Sweet" to tell The Sculptress how he really felt about her.

That's when "My Sweet" learned of the relationship between Delivery Boy and The Sculptress, he always brought her flesh, and he just kept coming back. Eventually, the two started having sex right infront of "My Sweet", which broke his heart everytime he saw it. Though one day the Delivery Boy got angry and destroyed a masterpiece of The Sculptress' when he punched through it in a spurt of anger. He was upset that he couldn't kiss The Sculptress as he has no lips to do so with. The Sculptress then decided to cut of "My Sweet's" lips and give them to Delivery Boy so they could kiss, making "My Sweet" long for the day that The Sculptress used every piece of him on her other works.


  • With My Lips