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Spike cenobite
True Name - Unknown
Gashes - Pinhead's
Portrayer - Snowy Highfield
Fate - Unknown

Spike is a cenobite that was to originally appear in Hellraiser: Deader, but he was deleted by the film's director after his scenes were filmed. Spike was also one of many cenobites who had been considered for Hellraiser: Hellworld, others being Raven, Ring and The Siamese Twins, but again, Spike did not appear. Spike's scenes do appear on the Hellraiser: Deader special features list though.


As a Human[]

In his life, Spike was a cruel and sadistic man. People knew him as a common railroad worker, a respectable man to say the least, but after hours, Spike had a thing for raping and impaling little girls with railroad spikes .

Spike one day got a hold of the Lament Configuration, which he was able to solve - leading to his meeting with Pinhead, who sent him to Hell immediately to be remade. Appropriately, he was impaled through the head with a large spike when The Engineers changed him into a cenobite, leaving him stripped of nearly all sensory faculties and incapable of normal communication.[citation needed]


Spike is a very unique cenobite, having a large and jagged golden spike jutting though a hole in his head. The skin where his face once was has been sliced and pulled back on small metal wheels, which leave the hole in his head open. Spike also has a metal helmet lodged into his skull, which has a small strip of the top of his head visible, showing that he has a cracked skull as well. Spike also wears a leather bound suit that covers his entire body, save for his head, and it appears very similar in design to Pinhead's own.


  • Although Spike was a deleted cenobite, he has for some reason become very popular, being in some fan films, having a small amount of action figures made and making few comic book appearences.
  • Spike was first called Stilt cenobite.
  • Spike was portrayed by the same person Bound II was.
  • Spike appears in a game named Terrordrome The Game as one of Pinhead's cenobites.