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Surgeon redirects here. You may be looking for Surgeon (Hell worker), a character first seen in Hellraiser: Judgment.

Past Name: Deacon Vrainian


  • Surgical doctor (formerly)
  • Cenobite


Prefered Weapon

  • Surgical tools (ie scalpal)
Fate: Unknown

The Surgeon Cenobite appeared in Hellraiser: Hellseeker.


As a Human[]

Deacon Vrainian was a skilled surgeon. As his reputation grew, so did he fame. But when he inadvertently killed his wife during a surgical procedure, he lost everything, including his sanity. After his wife's death all he wanted was to shut out the noise. His answer came in the form a small wooden box etched in brass, and when he solved the Lament Configuration Pinhead appeared before him, offering the means for him to forget, an offer he accepted without hesitation.

In Hellraiser: Hellseeker, Deacon appeared in Trevor's nightmare, where he was operating on Trevor. [1]

As a Cenobite:[]


The Surgeon was present alongside many other Cenobites when Kristy opened the Lament Configuration for a third time and willingly entered Hell, where she attempted to make a deal with Pinhead to trade five souls in exchange for her own. Pinhead agreed and along with Surgeon, Bound, Stitch, and Chatterer III waited for Kirsty to open the box and deliver the first victim. Pinhead sent Bound and Surgeon to retrieve the first victim, one of Trevor's affairs whom they smothered with seran wrap. Trevor later witnessed this first hand after his own death while forever trapped in Limbo, which he will endure for all eternity for his crimes against The Order.



  • Dale Wilson (as Deacon Vrainian)
  • Mike Jay Regan (as Surgeon)


  • His eyes are permanently shut, a trait he shares this with Little Sister, Bound, CD, Bound II, Spike, Butterball, The Chatterer, The Wire Twins and numerous other Cenobites in both the film and comic series.
  • The character first appeared as the original cover-art for the novella on which Hellraiser is based, The Hellbound Heart[citation needed]