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Dr. Talisac
Human Name: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Cenobite
Hair: None
Eyes: Black
Gashes: Unknown
Fate: Eaten by Mongroid
First appearance: Talisac: The Surgeon of the Sacred Heart

Dr. Talisac, a.k.a. The Surgeon of the Sacred Heart, is a fictional character created by Clive Barker for the Tortured Souls toy line. He is hanging from his face by six hooks and his upper left arm has flesh peeled back, but his most notable feature is the translucent womb-like feature where his genitals should be. Inside the womb, you can see something growing inside. This something is the Mongroid, the second coming. Talisac believes that the birth of Mongroid is the second "virgin birth". After Mongroid's birth, however, Talisac was devoured by his child. Talisac is set to appear in Tortured Souls: Animae Damnatae.