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The Assessor is a fat, middle aged appearing clerk working for the Stygian Inquisition, who has a mentally retarded childish demeanor.

His task is to "assess" the confession given by the candidates lured into 55 Ludovico Place. He does so by literally devouring the written confession , mixed with tears of children. He then gets sick from the rotten contents of the confessions and vomits the "chyme" into a drain, that delivers it down to The Jury. With his task finished, he then politely retreats.

The massive confession of Sean Carter however is so vile and "toxic" in its contents, that The Assessor chokes on it and then succumbs to it, after vomiting pure black "chyme" into the drain, which also kills The Jury.

Further Background[]

It is obvious that The Assessors character was based on the historical medieval ritual of the "Sin Eater", a volunteer citizen mostly found in british culture who would eat a symbolic meal at a funeral to literally "ingest" the sins of the deceased, so that they can face their judgement in the afterlife being absolved of their sins.