Hellraiser Wiki
Name Turpis
Past Name Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Hair None
Professional Status
Previous Occupation Cenobite in Hell's Army
Gashes The Lucky Six
Previous Partner *Merkova
Personal Status
Status Deceased
First Appearance

Turpis was an older Cenobite that appeared in the Clive Barker's Hellraiser series by Epic Comic. Turpis was one of six Cenobites chosen by the Puzzle Chamber to take on the Harrowers in wake of their moves against Leviathan.



Turpis is one of the older looking Cenobites who appears to only wear a leather robe around his waist. Turpis appears to have had the top of his head, and his arms, ripped off and sewn back on, as well as had his arms greatly extended, as the entire length is about twice the size of Turpis himself. He has spikes that protrude from the inside of his stomach and has the heads of his victims attached to his belt.





When the Harrowers were about to release Morte Mamme from her Tomb, Turpis was one of the many Cenobites to witness The General's Call to Arms.

After together solving the Puzzle Chamber, The Harrowers manage to release Morte Mamme, but this action also summons the "Lucky Six" Cenobite soldiers to fight back and kill the soldiers of Morte Mamme. Turpis, along with Merkova, Fulgar and three other Cenobites were summoned to the Egg museum, where they strung Bunny Benedict up on hooks from the ceiling. Merkova then threatened the life of Zinc, who traded places with her master, Winston Gage. Gage manages to sever both of Merkova's arms as the other Harrowers arrive, beginning a massive fight. Turpis attempts to pick up Merkova's arms, but was instead ordered to let them return to Hell.

Even with the Harrowers' specialized powers, the Cenobites appear to be winning the battle, that is until Morte Mamme aids the scared Claire Twins by providing them with a guide, Ovid, and giving them duplication powers. The twins use their duplication powers to confuse the Cenobites while they use their divine lasso to tie them up. Ovid then releases his fumes over the cenobites to disorient them as Marty Sevenbirds electrocutes the Cenobites and the rest of The Harrowers dismember them, save for Merkova, who had managed to escape, and dragged Bunny to Hell with her teeth.

Pinhead then creates a creature known as The Furaie to stop The Harrowers made from Turpis and the fallen Cenobites' body parts, The General sends the beast after the Harrowers while Ron Ringwood travels into Hell to save Bunny Benedict from Merkova and Pinhead.

Being down two members, the Harrowers are unable to defeat The Furaie, as every time it is injured hooked chains are released or new limbs regenerate. Marty in the end, makes the ultimate sacrifice by electrocuting himself and toppling a statue on The Furaie, thus plunging the both of them into Morte Mamme's Tomb where they shall forever be locked in conflict.



  • The Harrowing Part I: Ressurrection
  • The Harrowing Part II: Inressurrection (As a part of The Furaie)


  • Of all the Lucky six, Turpis is the least popular, as during the fight with the Harrowers, he was the only Cenobite who did next to nothing the entire time, making him the least productive.