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Human Name: Unknown

Affiliation: Cenobite in Hell's Army

Gashes: His Own

Fate: Unknown

Whirl-Jack was a cenobite in Hell's Army who, much like Draleba, handled issues in his own unique way.



When a woman named Daphne, who excels at puzzle solving, manages to unlock the Lament Configuration after buying it for $2.50 at some junk yard, Whirl-Jack is the cenobite who comes to greet her. He explained what he was to Daphne and was shocked when she told him that the Lament Configuration was one of the easiest puzzles she had ever solved. Whirl-Jack found she had a good eye for symmetry and after some discussion he finds out that she has no real interest in venturing into Hell. The two sit and chat over a bottle of vodka and Whirl-Jack came to like Daphne the further the conversation dragged on. Whirl-Jack decided that Daphne could stay but he took her photographs to Hell in her place and made the Lament Configuration harder before he left, though Daphne did not think it looked harder to solve at all and kept it in case she changed her mind about Hell.


Whirl-Jack, in comparison to other cenobites, seems very laid back. He had a friendly conversation with what other cenobites would see as their victim and even shares a drink with her. Whirl-Jack was a cenobite with pale blue skin and fingers stitched across his forehead.



  • Taste the Darkness