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Wire Twins



Leviathan's sisters of tormented pleasures, two perfect twins in their human form who stumbled into the dark world of the Labyrinth. Now their eternity is spent in the sisterly sharing of the torments of the flesh of their victims.

—Official description of the Wire Twins.

The Wire Twins are Leviathan's sisters of tormented pleasure. Two human twins were turned into Cenobites after they stumbled across the Labyrinth. Their unending existence is now spent sharing the sadomasochistic pleasures of Hell.[1]



A former centerfold in her human form, a twin who worshiped at the altar of beauty myth but found herself wanting. It was the Box that set her free and the Cenobites who enhanced her flesh.

—Official backstory for each Twin.



True to their namesake, thin metal wires play heavily into the Wire Twins' appearance. The Twins wear particularly revealing Cenobite attire, with their stomachs held open by wires. They are completely bald and have wires for hair that come out the top of their heads and their eyes are held in slits by wires. Wires also come from their forehead where the hair line is and it joins with the wires on their head.

Beyond just their appearance, their tongues are long, black and serpentine; used to pleasure and torture their victims, most likely through oral stimulation such as fellatio, cunnilingus, and anilingus. Their chins are attached to the collar of their bra by wires.

The Wire Twins both have a symbol on the side of their heads that has been carved into their flesh. The first Twin appears to be a sickle with two dots one behind the handle and one in the center of the sickle, while the other has a bigger sickle but having a line going through it and joining at the end.


As their appearance may suggest, the Wire Twins are perhaps the most libidinous of the Cenobites. While all Cenobites are sadomasochists unable to distinguish pain from pleasure, the Wire Twins seem particularly focused on the sensual pleasures of the flesh.



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