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Yama Vidatu
Name Yama Vidatu
Gender Female
Eyes Brown
Hair White
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Hell
Occupation Cenobite in Hell's Army
Gashes Alastor's Gash
Personal Status
Status Unknown
Relatives Aeshma Deva (Sister)
First Appearance

Yama Vidatu was a Cenobite serving in Hell's Army, serving alongside her sister, Aeshma Deva. Both Yama and Aeshma later joined Alastor's Gash as rebels intent on wiping out the Nightbreed once and for all. In the end, the rebels failed and most of the members of Alastor's Gash lost their lives in the process, leaving only Yama and Gehenna to escape death, though their fates are unknown.



Yama wears a tight red leather bound outfit, with a matching red mask, fashioned in similar shape to that as horns that is stitched to her face. She has pale skin and white hair tied back in a pony-tail. She also has zippers that lead across her cheeks from the edge of her mouth, much like Abigor's zippers. She is very protective of her younger sister and vice versa. Her preffered weapon is a large spear.


Yama was the older sister to Aeshma Deva and together they were made into cenobites wishing to never have to part from one another, much like many other twin cenobites, like the Siamese Twins. Out on the field, they are always either fighting side by side or close by to each other. They were present when Doomsdayer said his speech about lack of faith in Leviathan.

Yama and her sister both joined Alastor's Gash to fight off the Nightbreed, feeling that the Nightbreed should be wiped out as they symbolize chaos and oppose Leviathan itself, though Leviathan disapproved of this act as destroying The Nightbreed is infact an act of Chaos rather than the Order that Leviathan strives to preserve.

Alastor, Chalkis, Yama, Aeshma, Charun and Gehenna continued their Jihad any way, and so Leviathan sent Chatterer and Pinhead after the group of rogue cenobites to stop them from destroying his peaceful order and to make the cenobites be accounted for the crimes against Hell. The Gash of rogues fought back but Alastor and Chalkis were both apprehended by Hell and set up for their execution, Charun was also killed after being dragged into Hell via chains, as was Yama's sister Aeshma, who got a knife in the back. Yama mourned greatly over the death of her sister, but managed to get away safely with Gehenna It is unknown what happened to Gehenna and Yama, but it is likely that the two were captured and executed for their parts in Alastor's Jihad.



  • The Devil You Know
  • As Above...
  • ... So Below


  • It is possible that Doomsdayer's speech regarding distrust in Hell's system is what motivated Yama and Aeshma to join Alastor's Gash.